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McKinley -Male-Alaskan Malamute

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McKinley -Male-Alaskan Malamute Empty McKinley -Male-Alaskan Malamute

Post by McKinley on Tue Sep 06, 2016 11:20 pm

Prefers Males and Females
Alaskan Malamute

McKinley was born in a small barn in Alaska. His mother and father were pure bred Malamutes, their owners were needing puppies to sell for money. When McKinley was seven weeks old, he and his two brothers and sister were all ready to be adopted, so an ad was put in the paper. A family consisting of a mother and her two children came by and adopted him. It turned out they were just on vacation for the summer, and it wasn't long until McKinley was on his way to Ontario. He grew up with the family, growing very protective of the kids and mother. He was there when the mother got a new boyfriend, and he was there when the boyfriend began to abuse the mother. McKinley made sure the boyfriend knew his place, and bit his legs until he began to bleed. Eventually the family moved to Maine, leaving Ontario and the boyfriend behind. Everything was going well, until the money went down. The family yet again had to move, but could not bring McKinley. Instead, he was left with a friend. The friend promised to care for him, but did not. McKinley ended up running away that winter. He often wonders around, trying to avoid people and other dogs. He normally travels for a long time, going to other places, but always ends back up in Maine.

McKinley's base color is white. The top part of his body is a grey to dark grey color with bits of brown and black. His fur is thick and course. He carries his fluffy plumed tail on his back. Around his neck is an old, worn leather collar. On it, he wears a tag. The tag, if looked closely at, has his named engraved in it. Stands at 25 inches, weighs 85 pounds.

Stubborn, loyal, closed off and rude at first, when befriended is protective and kind

Mother~  Layla
Father~ Buck
Siblings~ Daiki(M), Jolt(M), Kip(F), Taiga(F), Volt(M), Jack(M)
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McKinley -Male-Alaskan Malamute Empty Re: McKinley -Male-Alaskan Malamute

Post by Ambrose on Wed Sep 07, 2016 2:26 am

Accepted! I hope you have fun roleplaying, and if you could post in "why should/shouldn't guests join?' once you get a reason that'd be great

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