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Axel~Male~Gray wolf~

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Axel~Male~Gray wolf~ Empty Axel~Male~Gray wolf~

Post by Axel on Sun Sep 04, 2016 10:12 pm

Prefers both~
Gray Wolf~

Axel was born in October to Shadow and Luna inside a zoo, as he grew older the humans noticed how he was more aggressive than a domesticated wolf born in a zoo was supposed to be. Once he was Six months they separated Axel and his family due to his aggressiveness towards the zoo keepers. He escaped by digging under his cage, he is now a free loner.

Axel's fur color is a blackish purple in some lightings, Axels fur is silky and ruffled that gives off a wild look its not long but not short, his ears are standing up, with the right ear ripped from him scratching his tag off. Axel's tail is often held up and is big and fluffy. Axel is an inch taller than a normal wolf, with medium paws. Axel weighs 143 pounds, he is 33 inches at the shoulder .

Aggressive to those he doesn't know, loyal to those he knows, and he's sadistic at times.

Mother~ Luna is Axels mother, she is 105 pounds with white soft fur. Her eyes are golden.

Father~ Shadow is Axels father who is a big 130 pound black Gray Wolf with brownish colored eyes, his fur is rough and fluffy, he's a normal size male wolf.

Moonbeam (female, cream colored), Happy (Male,gray colored), Nakayh (female, brown colored), and Freya (female, white colored)




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Axel~Male~Gray wolf~ Empty Re: Axel~Male~Gray wolf~

Post by Ambrose on Sun Sep 04, 2016 10:24 pm

Thank You AxelSpade!
Have fun roleplaying! I encourage you to suggest a area, and when you find out you like/dislike something, I ask you reply to 'Why should/shouldn't guests join?' with your reasoning.
If you have any questions, Feel free to message a admin or mod.

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