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Cherry-Female-Cocker Spaniel

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Cherry-Female-Cocker Spaniel Empty Cherry-Female-Cocker Spaniel

Post by Cherry on Mon Sep 19, 2016 3:15 am

~Cocker Spaniel~

Cherry was born on December 20 in the Georgian household. Her mother was a gift to the wife, Hannah Georgian a few years before and a mate for the already owned male cocker spaniel Tucker. She was born with two siblings. She was raised with the Georgian family becoming closest with their second oldest daughter, Laura. She was loved most by Laura ( ). She even went with Laura when she moved into a new house. All this happened quite fast since Cherry was born during Laura’s senior year of high school and is still young. She currently lives with Laura and her girlfriend Evangeline ( ) and is given free roam of their home in upper Maine.

Cherry is a relatively small puppy with semi curly blonde fur as soft as silk. The fur around the ends of her ears, around her nose and around her jawbone is a light brown color. She also has a bit of white on her neck and at the top of her belly. Her tail is pretty long and is curlier than the rest of her fur, like her paws. She was round dark brown eyes and weirdly directed whiskers.

Playful, Shy at first but gets friendlier, Once you’re her friend she follows you, Friendly, Easily opens up

Mother~ Kimby.

Father~ Chip





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Cherry-Female-Cocker Spaniel Empty Re: Cherry-Female-Cocker Spaniel

Post by Amethyst on Fri Sep 23, 2016 11:10 pm

Please keep pictures out of your history,
and if you don't know how to make something a picture, On the bar with the 'youtube' button, next to that a grey button, then going again to the left, click that light blue then dark blue painting, put in the url, and if it doesn't fit do that again and edit the width and height.
Thank you!

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