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Clay River

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Re: Clay River

Post by McKinley on Sun Sep 11, 2016 10:17 pm

McKinley sniffed around, catching a squirrel for a snack to eat. He wolfed it down and headed deeper into the forest, pausing to scratch his ear with his hind leg. "Damn fleas.." He grumbled. He continued walking, his movements a little stiff from all of the activity earlier. He panted, hoping to find water soon. The heat was not good for him and his thick pelt.

McKinley leaving Clay River for The Forest

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Re: Clay River

Post by Ambrose on Fri Sep 16, 2016 11:58 pm

Ambrose slowly followed the dog, only stepping on piles of pine needles. Lexi stayed on her back as Ambrose walked, Thinking I should of befriended that dog.. he's logical, he can help me. Ambrose was very psychotic, and almost had to emotions, she was disconnected from reality many would say. She made efforts to come back to reality, but she was bipolar, sometimes logical and in touch with reality, other times sickly smart but reality is no where in reach. She soon smells dead deer, realizing she must be close as she sniffs and smells a dog. She didn't think many other dogs would be in the forest, and it smelled very simular, if not the same as McKinley.
Leaving The Clay River, Entering The Forest

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