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Example Bio

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Example Bio Empty Example Bio

Post by Ambrose on Fri Sep 02, 2016 6:19 pm

For symbols (in this i used '~') you may use one on the keyboard, or one you copied and pasted. Please follow this exactly, and pm me or another admin if you have any questions

~Your characters name~
~Your characters gender~
~Your characters prefered gender (female, male, or both)~
~Your characters breed(s) or type of wolf~

A little backstory, must be longer than 3 lines, starting with birth to how you got here.

Fur color and detail on where is what color. Any accessories such as booties, Collars, etc. Fur feeling, such as silky, or rough, dreads, etc. What their ears are like such as clipped, standing up, rounded, pushed back like a pit bulls, or long and flopped like a hounds, etc. The tail description, such as often held up, clipped, flufffy, etc. (optional --->) Paw size, small or large (optional <---) Weight in pounds, and height in inches at the shoulder.

List your characters traits, with a comma after every one.

Mother~ mothers name. A picture is optional as well as a description

Father~ Fathers name. A picture is optional as well as a desctiption.

List siblings with a name and gender, pictures are optional

name your mate or say none, Pictures are optional, It may be a member or a made up character.

Put none, or their name, Pictures are optional, It may be a member or a made up character.

Put none, or list their names and genders. I ask that pups are made up and not real members

Please color code this, center it, and space it correctly. See any accepted bio for more information, or message me if your unsure about anything. If you're nervous that you'll be made fun of, or don't want to post your bio because you're afraid that its wrong and you'll look stupid, you can message it to me, and I'll tell you if its right or not, then you can post it, though you'll have to post your bio one way or another.

Questions? You can either pm me or another mod, or you can reply below asking it.

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